Kids Division

Welcome to the Kids Division of the Youth Program at Sol Dance Center, at Sol we know that the future, dancers, choreographers & producers are in their developing stage, we have the Best instructors, giving them the tools and discipline to follow their dreams.

Graduation Day is Dancesanity Stars Showcase

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Pre Salsa

Pre Salsa is a fun dance class focused on Latin rhythms such as Salsa, Bachata, merengue, samba & chacha

Give your kids a change to learn from the best, the director & Broadway dancer Karla Choko is the teacher of this class.

She will be getting them ready for the Dancesanity Stars Showcase in June

Wednesday 5-6 pm

Saturday 3-4 pm


Pre Ballet/jazz

Pre-Ballet classes introduce children to the fundamentals of classical ballet training and techniques. The children will learn and practice basic ballet moves, terminology, musicality & Dancesanity Stars ready.

To increase motivation and interest, the classes combine creative elements such as stories, games and imaginative activities. The training is fun, engaging and entertaining, teaching children to love the art of dancing.

Wednesday & Friday 4-5 pm


Pre HipHop

Pre Hip-Hop is a class designed to teach the basics in different styles of Hip-Hop as well as some basic Break Dancing exercises, they can use in break dancing classes later on, as well as playing some fun games such as freeze dance to keep them moving, and having fun.

They will be working on their performing abilities and high energy to get ready for Dancesanity Stars 2018

Tuesday 4-5

Saturday 2-3 pm