Soul Flow


Let’s give our soul a little flow…

Soul Flow is a flow arts community that fosters creativity, compassion and connection through mindfulness, music and movement.

Soul Flow classes engage all learners in an inclusive space of self-expression and play. Learners experience an increase in physical activity levels, strengthened social and emotional learning, and an improvement in mental health and well-being. Behaviorally, play supports resilience and self-regulation. The act of “play” improves attention, concentration, and memory. The “state of flow” is an exercise in mindfulness. Mindfulness is a form of meditation. When activated, individuals share that they feel connected to those around them, calm yet energized, confident and creative. Awareness of time, effort and self are released. We use props including poi, hoop, pixelwhip, and fans. Classes include mindful breathing exercises, prop techniques and combinations, and jam sessions (freestyle). 

Private lessons also available, please call the studio to find out rates and availability


Class Info:

Soul Flow is taught by Annette Bindert

The classes are opened for dancers of all levels.

- Youth Class Wednesdays 6pm

- Adults Class Wednesdays 7pm