• SOL DANCE CENTER 30-16 31st Street Astoria, NY, 11102 United States

-- The Dancing Feminine --

Our culture's disconnection from the Feminine principles costs us stress, anxiety, depression, and general unhappiness. The earth and its inhabitants are starved for the strong, nurturing, loving presence. When we are connected and anchored in our deep nature, we feel peaceful and happy, we know what is good for us and what isn't, and we can inspire and uplift others.

In this gathering, we will explore, celebrate, and cultivate our Feminine nature together in the community of other women. We will use the body as a a vehicle of exploration and expression and connect to the deep archetypal energies through reflection, meditation, discussion, movement, and dance. You don't have a dancer or a mover to participate. Your curiosity is enough! Come as you are!

Led by Irina Bellyrina