Irina Kom

Irina is a dancer primarily rooted in belly dance. She has performed and taught internationally, including Russia, Ukraine,  Mexico, and France. Trained in the Salimpours’ Formats, she holds Level 3 Certification in Suhaila Format and Level 1 Certification in Jamila Format. Her approach to belly dance is not defined by any particular style and integrates various influences, including folkloric, classical, tribal, and other styles. Irina’s research in movement is also informed by her studies of butoh and yoga, the disciplines that facilitate an in-depth exploration of the potential of the body, mind, and spirit. Together with a performance artist and butoh dancer, Ian Wen, composer/dancer Aurie Hsu, and composer/technologist Steven Kemper, Irina co-founded and co-directs de novo dance company ( Deeply curious about human condition and the process of transformation and healing, Irina also holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She teaches regular belly dance classes at Sol Dance Center