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Heels Class


Get fierce, sensual and sexy with our Heels class…

Heels dance emerged and evolved in the United States and Europe in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. It is named after the stiletto heel women's shoe style, since one of its distinguishing features is the wearing of high-heel shoes during performance

Heels dance is a solo dance genre inspired by dance routines seen in pop and hip-hop music videos. Its techniques and dance vocabulary derive from a wide range of dance styles used in music video-style choreographies

It is characterized by dynamic footwork based on jazz danceballroom danceLatin dance and go-go dancing styles, torso isolations borrowed from belly dance and hip hop dance and floor work, fluid arm work and body language coming from exotic dancing and contemporary dance.

Private lessons also available, please call the studio to find out rates and availability.

Heels class


Heels class is taught by David Machicado and focus on developing the sensuality of our students learning the solid foundation and technique of heels in walks, freestyle and choreography.

The classes are opened for dancers of all levels.

Fridays 8pm