Join the biggest Dance club in Queens

Dancesanity stars

Your best opportunity to be a real star!

All our dance programs are geared to train the students to participate in one or all of our professional shows produced throughout the year. Once students finish the beginner and intermediate levels, they are encouraged to become Dancesanity Stars!

Those who accept this exciting challenge will start an intense and rigorous program that will prepare them to shine like stars in a Dancesanity stars show.
 Our biggest annual event takes place at the prestigious Frank Sinatra High School Theater. Many other events take place in NYC, with our Dancesanity Stars being a big part of these shows.

Brazilian Energia friday April 28th

The best Brazilian Zouk Party in NY!

Class begins at 8pm, presented to you by the Best National & International Instructors at Sol Dance Center. Come prepared for Pura ENERGIA we Zouk until 2am.


Tony’s Burlesque Jazz Dance: Combining his experience in nightlife with his background in theatre, Tony has crafted this unisex dance experience to provide a fun, positive space in which dancers can let loose, cast away self-judgement, tap into the beast within, and nourish self-confidence while celebrating sexuality. Tony sets the tone with a throttling, fun, user-friendly, yet thorough, warm-up. Focusing on loosening up the body, isolations, strengthening, deep stretch and an abdominal finale, this warm-up is the kind of party in which you don’t even notice how much of your body is working and preparing for movement. Once on it’s feet, the class explores several different angles of burlesque movement…all set to a thrilling soundtrack of the hottest music of the past four decades! Whether exploring a musical style that is classic burlesque, rock, urban, blues, world or club, Tony utilizes multiple directions and acting exercises to color and give meaning to the movement. Tony’s philosophy is that any scene can be burlesque…and any burlesque can be a scene. Heels are encouraged, but not required…and are a welcome tool for any gender identity!


by. Belly SOL <3


February Annual hafla
With so many parts of the world being torn by war, violence, conflict, love and compassion are of vital importance. The change in the world truly starts with us and the energy our hearts generate, be it through dance, movement, words, thoughts, or any other action. Please join our LOVE Hafla at Sol Dance Center on February 2018 celebration of love  in all its forms and expressions. 

Location: Sol Dance Center, Astoria NY
Cover: $15

Please note that we will be collecting donations of clothing for children in the NYC shelter system. 70% of homeless New Yorkers are families with children and they need our help. Please bring NEW items to contribute. The items can include: Diapers, wipes, clothing for babies, toddlers, children, etc. The donations will be in support of