Dancesanity stars

Saturday June 22th 2019 at 8 pm

Dancesanity Stars is an annual show featuring collaborations of dancers and choreographers that brings some of the best performances of a wide variety of dance styles, it's produced by Sol Dance Center in collaboration and featuring different artists from the NYC area.
We have a wide variety of styles that are portrayed in this show, salsa, modern, belly dance, hip hop, jazz, Ballroom, zouk, just to name a few.

Our passion is art and we work on this show every year to showcase local talent, nurturing our community, and giving an open space for new creative artists that want to showcase their talent.
 Our biggest annual event takes place at the prestigious Frank Sinatra High School Theater.

Producer: Karla Choko

Artistic Director: Cristina Michalski

Visual Arts Director: Corin MIchalski

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All our dance programs are created to train our students to participate in our biggest professional production showcase of the year. join us now and become Dancesanity Stars!

Those participating this exciting challenge will start training and rehearsing to shine like stars @ Dancesanity stars show.