Dance Intensive


Welcome to our Intensive Dance Program please select a Program.

With the help of a student advisor, you will design your own program and keep track of your progress.

  • Six months Immersion  Program with option to extent

  • One year  Intensive Program with the option to extend

  • Two year Certificate Choreographer program (Become a Director of Sol Student team, Semi-pro team & Professional Performance Team)

  • Three year  Teacher and Production Leadership program (Be part of the Direction & Production of our biggest Concert showcase)

Each week, choose 18 classes from an enormous variety of classes. Choices include classes in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Latin Fusion, Hip-Hop, Break Dance, Capoeira, Salsa NY style, Colombian Salsa, Bachata, Brazilian Zouk, Tango, Ballroom, Belly Dance, Stretch, Fitness Dance, Flamenco & more.

Classes are for students at levels Basic through Advanced.

Our Faculty are world-renowned teachers and choreographers & performers who offer instruction and choreographies for this program.

Your program will consist of classes selected from our open-class schedule, to focus on your goals. Your studies will amount to at least 18 mandatory hours of classes a week, plus rehearsals, Performances, Events, Practices, & Dance Socials.

Evaluation and Advisement

All students are guided and mentored by their Program Advisor and will meet regularly in order to ensure they are making sufficient progress and meeting all program requirements. At the end of each program Students receive a Certificate of their achievements.

Performance Opportunities

This  four programs offers students opportunities to participate in annual performances throughout the school year. Each year, several artists in residence set original works, or re-stage established works, on our students. Students are selected by the choreographers and School Co-Directors by audition to participate in workshops that culminate in the following performances:

  • Winter Showcase

  • Dancesanity Stars Concert in June

  • Spring Concert

  • Studio showings, Practices, Social Events or Competitions.

This Programs are for students 17 and older.


Immersion Program

This six month Program for students who wish to attend an intensive training curriculum, without a long term commitment then look no further. Students pursue a structured six month curriculum that includes a diverse variety of dance technique courses and performance opportunities....

We have programs of 3 months and 6 months.

The dates coming are:

3 months: - Start Sept 10th, 2018, End December 2nd, 2018

                - Start January  7th, 2019, End April 7th, 2019

6 months:  - Start September 10th, 2018, End March 10th 2019

                 - Start January 7th, 2019, End  July 7th, 2019

Price: $180 a month.


Certificate Choreography Program

The Certificate Program is a two-year program for advanced/beginner to intermediate level students ages 17 and up who have completed their secondary school requirements. This program takes a conservatory approach to dance training, combining technique, creative studies, repertory and performance.

Technique levels are determined for each student individually in placement classes at the beginning of their enrollment and students follow a year-long syllabus in each technique

The weekly schedule includes 15 to 18 dance classes, including  Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Latin Fusion, Hip-Hop, Break Dance, Freestyle, Capoeira, Salsa NY style, Colombian Salsa, Bachata, Brazilian Zouk, Tango, Ballroom, Belly Dance, Stretch, Fitness Dance, Flamenco & more. Creative courses and dance academics such as improvisation, dance composition, Choreography, musicality,  leadership, dance company management are also required. Studio time will be available to take creative risks and explore new ideas.

Sol Dance Center Founder, and Broadway Dancer Karla Choko, launched Dancesanity Stars in 2012  as a new choreographers platform, so artists can express their creativity and share their work and present it in one of the best theaters in NY The Tony Bennett Concert Hall. providing both emerging choreographers and dancers  with a professional and supportive environment to develop their craft. Choreographers receive ongoing feedback from a group of notable artistic mentors and advisors, Should an artistically appropriate work emerge from this process, it could enter Sol Dance Center  permanent repertory. Giving full credit to the Choreographers.

The completion of this Program will give you the material and tools to Direct, Perform and even Choreograph your own Sol Dance Teams, Student teams, Semi-pro team & Professional Performance Teams, which you will be able to develop worldwide with the support  of our Director at our Astoria headquarters.



Intensive Program

This is an Intensive one Year Program, For students between the ages of 17 and 30 who have completed their secondary school requirements, this one-year Program offers the same intensive dance technique training as the Certificate Program. Students are required to take 15-18 dance classes weekly, including  Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Latin Fusion, Hip-Hop, Break Dance, Capoeira, Salsa NY style, Colombian Salsa, Bachata,  Brazilian Zouk, Tango, Ballroom, Belly Dance, Stretch, Fitness Dance, Flamenco & more. Classes are for students at levels Basic through Advanced.The program is also appealing to students who are already matriculating towards an undergraduate degree in dance at a college or university who wish to attend the Program for credit towards their degree requirements. With permission from their home school, the Intensive Program can function much like a study abroad program in offering serious dance students the opportunity to enhance their studies with a year of intensive training in New York.


Teacher and Production Leadership Program

Sol Dance Center offers several innovative programs and unique opportunities to further develop the artistry of our students and prepare them for a professional career. As a performer, choreographer, instructor, producer & more. We encourage you to apply for this elite program that will transform you from dance student to dance professional.

This three year program  is the ideal option for well-trained dancers looking to launch their professional careers. looking for an intensive course to hone your skills, Our comprehensive syllabus includes multi-disciplinary technique classes, practical seminars to educate you about Producing & Directing, With numerous performance opportunities year round.

This program is design for the ambitious choreographer with interest of learning all about how a dance company and dance studio are managed, the students get a hands on experience in the Production, Direction, Choreographer & Performer at Showcase Dancesanity Stars

Comprehensive full-time program includes, master classes, mock auditions,  rehearsals & access to private company rehearsals, leading and hosting  Practices & Socials.

Performance opportunities, Free rehearsal space, Faculty Mentoring, Full-time Student Advisor for scheduling guidance

Program concludes with the producer, director, choreographer, dancer experience at our Dancesanity Stars  showcase

The Sol Dance Center  Teacher & Leadership program is a serious full-time course of study, so it is imperative that you come prepared to give your program the highest priority.

  • Students should ensure that they have adequate financial resources to support their studies during the program– please defer your application to the following semester if you need more time to amass these funds.

  • Students are not permitted to attend auditions during their first eight weeks of training, after which permission is required by the program director.

While we cannot provide housing during your stay, we are happy to suggest reliable and safe ways of securing accommodation – please email for information.