Join the Belly Dance Class to reconnect and control your body!

Discover your natural ability to move freely and experience an embodied life. Embrace your strength, grace, and fluid body flexibility. Explore a new invigorating way to feel your innate feminine power.

Irina will teach you how to identify and strengthen different muscles and body parts which are essential for the belly dancing technique (e.g., hips, torso, ribcage, arms, etc.). Special dance combinations will link the movements together, creating fluidity and continuity of the dance.

After explaining the stylistic aspects of belly dance, students are encouraged to become versatile, well-balanced belly dance dancers and artists.

Private lessons also available, please call the studio to find out rates and availability. 



Belly Dance beginners

Belly Dance classes are taught by Debbie and focus on building a solid foundation and all the basics and elements of Belly Dance.

The classes are opened for dancers of all levels.

Mondays 7-8 pm

Belly Dance intermediate

Belly Danceintermediate classes are taught by Irina. They focus on facilitating the development of safe and versatile dancing techniques, while exploring and building the artistic and stylistic aspects of belly dance.

These classes are inspired by the Suhaila Salimpour format and focus on body alignment, muscle development, as well as, isolation, balance, flexibility, and grace. Layers of different movements are introduced gradually after ensuring that students become familiar with basic muscle work and isolations.

Mondays 8-9 pm



American Tribal style belly dance

Wednesday classes continue to focus on American Tribal Style® Belly Dance with some slight change to our format. In our Beginners/Open Level you will learn and drill basic moves and finger cymbal patterns, and brush up on your technique! Finger cymbals are required. (If you don't have finger cymbals, instructors have loaners and finger cymbals for sale). Taught by Kate Reid and Debbie Despina. 

The second class is a continuation of the first class. Learn to dance your basic moves in formations and practice leading and following. Intermediate/advanced moves, finger cymbal patterns, and fun combos will be added! Permission of the instructors required. 

Taught by Kate Reid and Debbie Despina.

Wedneday class

7-8 pm Level 1

8-9 pm Level 2